ResearcherID: AAB-5130-2021

papers published or accepted for publication

J. Papež and M. Vohralík. Inexpensive guaranteed and efficient upper bounds on the algebraic error in finite element discretizations. Numerical Algorithms, 2021. accepted for publication. Preprint: [ HAL ]

G. Meurant, J. Papež, and P. Tichý. Accurate error estimation in CG. Numerical Algorithms, 2021. Published online. [ DOI ]

A. Miraçi, J. Papež, and M. Vohralík. Contractive local adaptive smoothing based on Dörfler marking in a-posteriori-steered p-robust multigrid solvers. Comput. Methods Appl. Math., 21:445--468, 2021. [ DOI ]

A. Miraçi, J. Papež, and M. Vohralík. A-posteriori-steered p-robust multigrid with optimal step-sizes and adaptive number of smoothing steps. SIAM J. Sci. Comput., 2021. Published online. [ DOI ]

A. Anciaux-Sedrakian, L. Grigori, Z. Jorti, J. Papež, and S. Yousef. Adaptive solution of linear systems of equations based on a posteriori error estimators. Numerical Algorithms, 84(1):331--364, 2020. [ DOI ]

J. Papež, U. Rüde, M. Vohralík, and B. Wohlmuth. Sharp algebraic and total a posteriori error bounds for h and p finite elements via a multilevel approach: Recovering mass balance in any situation. Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering, 371:113243, 2020. [ DOI ]

A. Miraçi, J. Papež, and M. Vohralík. A Multilevel Algebraic Error Estimator and the Corresponding Iterative Solver with p-Robust Behavior. SINUM, 58(5):2856--2884, 2020. [ DOI ]

J. Papež, L. Grigori, and R. Stompor. Accelerating linear system solvers for time-domain component separation of cosmic microwave background data. Astronomy&Astrophysics, 638:A73, 2020. [ DOI ]

J. Papež, L. Grigori, and R. Stompor. Solving linear equations with messenger-field and conjugate gradient techniques: An application to CMB data analysis. Astronomy&Astrophysics, 620:A59, 2018. [ DOI ]

J. Papež, Z. Strakoš, and M. Vohralík. Estimating and localizing the algebraic and total numerical errors using flux reconstructions. Numer. Math., 138(3):681--721, Mar 2018. [ DOI ]

J. Papež and Z. Strakoš. On a residual-based a posteriori error estimator for the total error. IMA Journal of Numerical Analysis, 38(3):1164--1184, Sep 2017. [ DOI ]

J. Papež, J. Liesen, and Z. Strakoš. Distribution of the discretization and algebraic error in numerical solution of partial differential equations. Linear Algebra Appl., 449:89--114, 2014. [ DOI ]

PhD thesis

J. Papež. Algebraic Error in Matrix Computations in the Context of Numerical Solution of Partial Differential Equations. PhD thesis, Charles University, Prague, November 2016. [ .pdf ]

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