ResearcherID: G-1845-2014


Jan Papež, Laura Grigori, and Radek Stompor: Solving linear equations with messenger-field and conjugate gradient techniques - an example of CMB data analysis, submitted for publication (Mar. 2018). arXiv 1803.03462

Jan Papež, Uli Rüde, Martin Vohralík, and Barbara Wohlmuth: Sharp algebraic and total a posteriori error bounds for h and p finite elements via a multilevel approach, submitted for publication (Dec. 2017). HAL Preprint 01662944

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Jan Papež, Jörg Liesen, and Zdeněk Strakoš: Distribution of the discretization and algebraic error in numerical solution of partial differential equations, Linear Algebra Appl., 449, 2014, pp. 89-114. [download]

doctoral thesis

Algebraic Error in Matrix Computations in the Context of Numerical Solution of Partial Differential Equations, Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Charles University. Defended in February 2017. [download]

presentations (selected)

Algebraic error and a posteriori error estimation in numerical PDEs, Implicitly constituted materials: Modeling, Analysis and Computing, August 2017, Roztoky.

Estimating and localizing the algebraic and total numerical errors using flux reconstruction, ILAS 2016, July 2016, Leuven. [download]

Vorobyev’s Method of Moments in Applied Mathematics - Part I (Self-adjoint Operators), MORE seminar, May 2015, Charles University in Prague. [download]

Interpretation of the algebraic error and algebraic preconditioning as the transformation of the discretization basis, Modeling, analysis and computing in nonlinear PDEs, 2014, Liblice. [video on]

Spatial distribution of errors in numerical solution of PDE model problems, 85th GAMM Annual Meeting, 2014, Erlangen. [download]

On Spatial Distribution of the Discretization and Algebraic Error in Numerical Solution of Partial Differential Equations, SIAM Annual Meeting 2013, San Diego. [download]

Distribution of the algebraic and discretization error in numerical solution of 1D Poisson model problem, XII GAMM Workshop on Applied and Numerical Linear Algebra, 2012, Liblice. [download]