last update: October 6, 2014

Doctoral Days 2014

Institute of Mathematics & Institute of Computer Science of the Czech Academy of Sciences

List of participants

Name Affiliation Title of the talk
Martin Kopp ICS Anomaly detection and interpretation
Keiichi Morikuni ICS
Jakub Šmíd ICS Comparing Datasets by Attribute Alignment
Radim Hošek IM Analysis of a Numerical Method to Navier-Stokes Equations
Matteo Caggio IM Navier-Stokes turbulence
Umi Mahnuna Hanung IM Bounded Convergence Theorem for Abstract Kurzweil-Stieltjes Integral
Emil Pelikan ICS
Pavel Krč ICS Clustering weather situations with respect to prediction of solar irradiance by multiple NWP models
Dalibor Slovák ICS Incorporating allelic drop-out
Martin Holeňa ICS
Michal Chytil ICS
Ondřej Konár ICS
Zbyněk Pitra ICS Surrogate Modeling by Random Forests
Tomáš Křen ICS Typed functional genetic programming
Karel Chvalovský ICS Undecidability in some substructural logics
Julius Stuller ICS
Jan Grebík IM From asymptotic density to the Riemann dzeta function
Petr Pulc ICS Data mining and search in multimedia data
Klára Pešková ICS Metalearning in Data-Mining
Ivan Kasanický ICS Spectral diagonal ensemble Kalman filter
Marie Turcicova ICS Covariance modelling by means of functions of Laplace operator
Tomáš Gergelits ICS Krylov subspaces in finite precision CG computations
Adam Přenosil ICS Modal expansions of some non-classical logics
Matěj Dostál ICS Sifted colimits
Lukáš Bajer ICS Surrogate models for continuous optimization
Vojtech Rybar IM
Jan Kuřátko ICS Combined Global and Local Search for the Falsification of Hybrid Systems
Hana Bílková ICS
Jiri Kopal ICS Generalized Gram–Schmidt Process: Its Analysis and Use in Preconditioning
Roman Neruda ICS
Nikola Jajcay ICS From decadal to daily variability in air temperature from European stations
Jan Papež ICS Spatial distribution of errors in numerical solution of PDEs
Jan Novák IM Scalar perturbations in f(R) cosmology
Milan Tvrdý IM
Jiří Rákosník IM
Michal Hadrava ICS Modeling Musical Tonality with Nonlinear Oscillators